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About Amigo Chain

AMIGOCHAIN is a new decentralized open source platform. It’s a private, secure and untraceable cryptocurrency. Your accounts and transactions are kept private. AMIGOCHAIN offering anyone the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of using crypto currencies in an easy way.

Some of the advantages of this kind of tech

  Private and Secure

   Ease to use your account or wallet.

   Promptness in operations with no limits.

  Expense reduction for transactions.

   Based on proof of stake

  Value free from depreciation and Government or financial institution intervention.

  Possibility to get coin revaluations.


AMIGOCHAIN wants to serve people with its fast and secure platform. We provide safe and secure payment system for your business. We also want to give a solid store of value system in which you can save your money and earn profit for staking

In AMIGOCHAIN , transactions are managed and verified by our user network. For this reason, we also offer the possibility to get an additional benefit by participating in this transaction verification process. This means that the system rewards you with new coins just for using a wallet that participates in transaction verification.

You can use Amigo Chain for different reasons.

To send money to other users easily and immediately: You will also save the big commissions that other traditional methods, transfers, and money orders would charge you.

To make purchases: Thanks to safe and irreversible transactions.

To save: Amigo Chain offers a reward to those who keep their coins in their downloadable wallet. This wallet allows participating in transaction verification easily and automatically Which gives an annaul 96% interest reward.


If you own a business that offers products or services, you can optimize your outcome by expanding your offer to cryptocurrency users. The Amigo Chain has been designed to stand out in commercial transactions thanks to its advantages.

• Anti-fraud security: They are impossible to counterfeit.

• Payments cannot be returned.

• Immediate, middleman-free transactions: You receive payments immediately.

• Transaction fees, which are paid only by the person who makes the payment, are considerably very low - one of the lowest in the market.

• Growing user number.

Safe & Secure

AMIGOCHAIN wants to serve people with its fast and secure platform

Instant Exchange

We provide safe and secure payment system for your business

Mobile Apps

AMIGOCHAIN wants to serve people with its fast and secure platform


In AMIGOCHAIN,Your accounts and transactions are kept private.

Why Proof of Stake (PoS)

In PoW system miners need a lot of energy. One Bitcoin transaction required the same amount of electricity as powering 1 American household for one week (data 2017). These energy costs are burden on fiat currencies and also cause environment pollutions. In a recent research, experts argued that Bitcoin transactions may consume as much electricity as Denmark by 2020. So crypto community pretty much aware of that problem and they wants to exploit the Proof of Stake method for greener and cheaper way of verifying transactions.

In Proof of Work method sometime only few player dominant the full system. In the case of Bitcoin mining where 50% mining controlled by only 4 major companies. This change the decentralized crypto idea into centralized. This is also a major issue facing by crypto world. But in Proof of Stake method everyone can participate, they don’t have to buy mining equipments or heavy investment. If one can want to control the whole share of staking, he/she has to buy all the available supply of that particular coin, which will lead to price hike.

Exchange List

Coin Listed In Exchange


White Paper


12/9/2017 6:56:58 PM : 

AMGCHAIN Growing: On Way to Developing PoS Wallet (08/12/2017)

 : After successfully completing work on creating flawless and hi tech wallet and verifying and assessing security aspects in it, AMGCHAIN is all set to move on to the next important stage of development i.e. we are all set to begin technology work on Proof of Stake of work on Wallet. Experts are in the process of assessing the current state of technology and creating options that will help to streamline our processes and lead us in the direction of swift innovation and organizational change. Our focus has always been on developing system that is 100% accountable and infinitely scalable that can perform up large quantum of transactions per second without compromising the safety not resulting in cost burden that is associated with PoW. The good thing about AMGCHAIN Investors is that they can access wallet without having to download any app. It is available online on our official website. AMGCHAIN is in the process of developing technology to implement Power of Stake approach or technology with focus on safety& longitivity; the system will be built to last. Our developmental activity is supervised by highly experienced and qualified professionals in the space. We are installing required hardware and setup comprising processor based computers that can function continuously to match up with complex mining algorithms. As we know, stake transactions in wallet require computing resource. Like in any other block-chain wallet technology, AMGCHAIN is also focusing on technology, establishing security norms, performance & reliability. AMGCHAIN being a modern cryptocurrency that has adopted Power of Stake Approach, maintaining security through technology remains our top focus, to ensure safe and reliable use of wallet. As in PoS system there no block reward and the miners look after transaction fee, our techies are in the process of fixing the same. We are also finding ways to save energy and thereby reduce the cost burden on investors. As we know in Proof of Stake, creator of the new block is identified based on its stake of wealth, AMGCHAIN is in the process of developing an algorithm for the same. We are ensuring that no matter what the quantum of transactions is, we can match up to it without causing any lapse in the security. for increased reliability & blockchain network performance. Like any top-tier wallet, AMGCHAIN wallets come with a high degree of functionality through security, performance, reliability designed together with a full feature UX/UI, offering token creation and smart contracts registry.

Proof of stake

Proof-of-Stake just like Proof-of-Work is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions and prevent fraud. However, it does not require any resource intensive calculations to be performed. The only reqirement is to have some AMG coins in your ballance and keep your AMG Wallet connected to the network. Periodically, your ballance will be increasing as new coins are awarded to you.

Interest rate depends on a variety of factors, however, with optimal participation in support of the AMG COIN one can expect over 96% annual return on their investment. It mean those who are holding coins in there wallet they can earn 8% monthly.

Example :

If a person holding 1000AMG coins in his wallet he will get 80 amg coins as a stake coins and total avaliable balance will be avliable 1080.



AMG WALLET is open source wallet


User who hold their coins in there wallet they stake percentage


It is extremely fast, you can send money to anyone in the world within seconds.


According to user requiremnt we have made wallet user can download wallet in which is comfortable (windows,linux,mac,andriod).

Staking Wallet

Staking Wallet Available

    1.    Amg Chain is used for Private Instant Verified Transaction.

    2.    Hold Amg Chain Coin in Staking Wallet and you can earning Amg Chain.

    3.    Staking Amg Chain is One of the best way of smart earning.

    4.    Begin Amg Chain POS Coin ,Amg Chain can also be staked in wallet which gives handsome returns to its holder.

    5.    Amg returns highest staking reward to its holder.

Coin Description

Ticker Symbol      AMG
Monthly Return      Approxy 8%
Staking Wallet      Desktop Wallet for Staking
Available      window, Linux, Mac Wallet.
Guid     Available Soon.

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